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Celine Dion debuts her 'miracle' twin baby boys, six weeks after giving birth



Proud mother: Celine Dion shows off her baby twin boys Nelson and Eddy in the new issue of Hello! Canada magazine

She gave birth to her twin sons Nelson and Eddy six weeks ago after a long struggle to conceive via IVF.

And now Celine Dion is sharing her joy at her miracle babies, appearing on the cover of Hello! Canada this week.

The 42-year-old told the magazine that the babies had made her life 'extraordinary,' and that she 'doesn't know how women do it.'

'Every day René asks, "Did you sleep well?'" she said. 'I'm like, '"You must be kidding! There is no sleep!'"' she says.

And the singer's babies are already showing some personality soon after their October 23 birth.

'Nelson is Angelil,' she said. 'Eddy is Dion!'
Celine also talked to Larry King on his chat show last night, telling him she initially got confused about which of her sons was which.

'The twins are not identical. We called them Baby A and Baby B.
'But we were all confused. After a week we sat down and thought it would be our two heroes.

'We named Nelson after Nelson Mandela. We went to South Africa on the last tour and... it was such an impact to meet him, what a hero and we decided to name a son after him.'

Proud mother: Celine spoke to Larry King from her home in Canada yesterday

She said Eddy was named after the lyricist, Eddy Marnay, who worked on five of her French language albums, as well as songs by Barbra Streisand and Edith Piaf.

'We wanted our sons to be able to say they were named after two wonderful people.'
Celine also talked about her battle to conceive.

'We tried five times before I got pregnant. On the sixth try, it worked out. We were blessed twice.

'It's extraordinary to be parents again. Nelson and Eddy are doing well. They're six weeks old.'

She also told how she was originally pregnant with three babies, but lost one during the pregnancy.

'One little baby decided to step back to help the other two survive. The doctors said to me if there's something wrong, natures takes it's course.

'I still think of the one who stepped back. I'm sure every woman has the feeling about the little one that's not there.'

Happy family: Rene Angelil, son Rene-Charles and Celine Dion in February before the new arrivals

And she was honest about the pressures of motherhood: 'I have no sleep at all. "It's amazing how we can survive with no sleep.

'My little boy, René-Charles, has a fever and I want to be there for him but I am breastfeeding the babies every two-and-a-half hours, then sometimes I have 25 minutes and I think, do I shower, eat or sleep?

'It's a great challenge and it's all amazing. All day I'm in my pyjamas and it's overwhelming but all good.

'René-Charles is looking at them like, 'Mom the only thing they do is look around and cry.'

Talking about preparing for her three year residence in Las Vegas, starting in March, she said: 'I hope I will return to my shape again but the health of the babies is more important.'

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