Monday, 6 December 2010

Highs and lows of Lady Gaga: Pop star wears her favourite gravity-defying platforms with a plunging dress



Dangerous: Lady Gaga stepped out in Milan today in gravity-defying shoes and a daring dress

She's had her share of ups and downs - and that's just in the wardrobe department.
Lady Gaga stepped out in Milan today in yet another head-turning outfit.

The 22-year-old singer arrived at the Mi Officine Meccaniche Recording Studios in Milan over the weekend wearing an incredibly low-cut dress and a pair of pretty hazardous shoes.

No heel: Lady Gaga steps out in the potentially hazardous footwear

The black ankle boots with studs on the soles, were missing that vital material that most women look for in a shoe: a heel.

But Gaga didn’t seem to mind and managed to balance on the bizarre footwear, even taking a moment to adjust her equally spike-emblazoned gloves.

At one point the Grammy-award winning singer had to grab onto a car door for assistance, but she did make it to and from the studio without a fall.

Of course, Lady Gaga is a huge fan of kooky footwear, and has worn similar heel-free designs on various occasions this year.

Over the weekend Gaga took theme dressing to the next level by visiting a Chanel store in Via Sant'Andrea in the Italian city looking like a corpse.

Low-cut: The singer's dress plunged almost to her navel

After announcing her digital death, in an effort to raise funds for AIDS charities she decided she would dress the part.

With her face painted white, lips black, she wore a black beaded veil as she perused the handbags and designer clothes in store.

The New Yorker was spotted in the odd-looking outfit whilst doing some retail therapy in the Spanish city.

Accompanied by her mother, Gaga perused the designer clothing store where it appears she purchased her latest more modest frock.

But it seems that she skipped the shoe department and opted instead to wear her heel-less platform boots.

The footwear giving her calves a work out, with the Gaga's leg muscles clearly strained.

Dark side: Lady Gaga's latest was not quite as outragous as the 'digital death' inspired get-up she wore whilst shopping in Chanel over the weekend

source: dailymail

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