Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Common sense goes up in smoke as Teen Mom star Jenelle Evans lights a cigarette at a petrol station




Irresponsible: Teen Mom star Janelle Evans was spotted smoking a cigarette as she filled up her petrol tank yesterday in North Carolina

She's currently fighting to regain custody of her one year old baby son Jace as well as facing charges of breaking and entering and drug possession.

But if Teen Mom star Jenelle Evans is hoping to repair her image any time soon, she isn't exactly going about it the right way.

In a move that is irresponsible, dangerous and illegal in some states, 19-year-old was seen smoking a cigarette in a North Carolina petrol station yesterday.

She seemed completely unconcerned as she puffed away while filling up her tank.

Jenelle temporarily signed over custody of her son to her mother Barbara, 52, after she expressed concerns about her daughter's ability to look after the child.

Although the teen has since tried to get her life back on track by enrolling in college classes, Barbara thinks the young mother parties too much and is fighting to make the arrangement permanent.

Troubled: Janelle has temporarily lost custody of her one-year-old son Jace

On last Tuesday's episode, Barbara said she won't stop until she gets custody and warned Jenelle that she should see a lawyer.

Viewers then see Jenelle getting into an explosive altercation with her mother, ending in Barbara ordering the teenager out of her home.

Jenelle was then seen confessing to attorney Gina Cecil that she sometimes smokes marijuana.

'I've not touched any drugs in my life except marijuana, but I mean I don't do it that much. OK?'

Under pressure: Janelle is facing charges for breaking and entering and drug possession

The teen has since been reported to have been arrested for breaking and entering and drugs possession along with now ex boyfriend Kieffer Delp, 20.

Jenelle announced her breakup from Delp on her Facebook, and made it very clear that she was the one to leave him and not vice versa.

'he seen the light of day? nahh, i brokeup with HIM. get it straight. im not upset at all. i did it for the better of myself. i do better when im single. yu guys will see that in episode 2 before i met him. it really isnt hitting me hard at all. idk why, just isnt. the breakup with andrew was wayyy more intense then this.'

Maternal instinct? Jenelle with son Jace, who she is trying to regain custody of

Jenelle & Jace Evans - You're Gonna Be (Always Loved, By Me)

source: dailymail [endtext]

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