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Demi Moore goes from chic to geek at Ashton's film screening



Transformation: Demi Moore looks glamorous arriving at husband Ashton Kutcher's Cinema Society screening of new film No Strings Attached, but lets her guard down later in geeky glasses and mens coat

Demi Moore has been battling for her younger husband Ashton Kutcher's attention on the red carpet of late as he promotes his new film with his gorgeous co-star Natalie Portman.

But with the latter noticeably absent from last night's The Cinema Society screening of his film No Strings Attached, the 48-year-old actress seemingly felt comfortable in letting her guard down.

After arriving at the screening in New York looking typically youthful and stunning, Demi didn't mind showing her age later in the evening when she slipped on her thick-framed spectacles and kept warm in an oversized men's coat.

Demi wore an understated sheer black blouse and electric blue skirt ensemble, with black heels and her trademark sleek hair for the event.

The Charlie's Angels star, who is dressed by celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe, has been putting extra effort into her red carpet appearances as she accompanies her husband on the publicity trail with 29-year-old Portman.

Showdown: Demi has been battling for Ashton's attention on the red carpet with his No Strings Attached co-star Natalie Portman

There were plenty of other young women to compete with last night though, with model Hilary Rhoda, and TV personalities Olivia Palermo and Kelly Bensimon also attending.

Inside the screening, held at the Soho Grand Hotel in New York, the loved up couple held hands and whispered to each other.

And Ashton, 32, didn't seem to mind his beautiful wife's geeky transformation as they headed back to their hotel.

Ashton accessorised his classic suit with a beanie and scarf and his own coat to ward off the New York chill, and had clearly had an encounter with the hair dryer after being soaked head to toe during an earlier appearance on Jimmy Fallon's late night show.

Did Rachel Zoe say you could wear that? Demi's famous stylist may have something to say about her client's ill-fitting coat and glasses

Happy couples: Demi and Ashton were joined by Howard Stern and his wife Beth at the event

Proving that boys will always be boys, Ashton got into an all-out water fight with Fallon while appearing to promote the comedy.

What started out as an innocent game resulted in both men completely drenched from throwing water at each other.

During the interview Jimmy, 36, challenged Ashton to a game of 'Water War' - except this game had a twist.

Red carpet competition: Model Hilary Rhoda and Ashton's co-star Greta Gerwig were stylish in black for the New York screening

Dark and mysterious: Precious star Gabourey Sidibe and designer Charlotte Ronson also opted for all-black ensembles

'I must warn you, I'm exceptional at war,' Kutcher quipped with mock seriousness, while the late night host fought back laughter.

Whoever got the higher card got to throw a glass full of water in the other persons face.

And the contender to use all their cups first won - which was Ashton - and he promptly pulled out an enormous water gun and blasted an already soaked Jimmy.

When all the water ran out Aston threw a fake punch at the host who stood there dripping wet.

Lovely ladies: The screening was also attended by Olivia Palermo, Kelly Bensimon and actress Abby Elliot

Boys' fight: Ashton Kutcher made an appearance on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon

Play nice: When the water ran out the pair threw fake punches at each other

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Jimmy Fallon & Ashton Kutcher (Jan 20, 2011) Play Game "Water War" [Part 2/2]

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