Saturday, 22 January 2011

Orange Caramel returns with “Still…” on Music Core


After School’s unit group, Orange Caramel, previously melted the hearts of fans with their cute “A~ing” comeback, and have followed up on today’s Music Core with their ballad, “Still…“!

“Still…” is written and composed by lead vocalist Raina and features lyrics from her own experience.

Orange Caramel said backstage before going on stage to perform “Still…”, “The song’s notes are very high. Because of that, we’ve been worried about singing it live.

Raina said, “We’ve been getting more vocal lessons because we worry about performing it live. The other members are practicing constantly too.”

Lizzy added, “Personally, I want to perform “A~ing” more. The song is so fun, so is its choreography. But during ‘Still…’, our faces and our choreography is very calm.”

Nana then said, “Our makeup is not dark this time around. It’s more of a natural look.”

They all concluded, “People will get to see a brand new side of us through this song. Please look forward to it and show us much love.”

Check out their performance below!

source: allkpop


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