Monday, 17 January 2011

Park Han Byul release “Coffee” and “Luv U” for “The Actress” project album


Park Han Byul’s songs for the new project album named “The Actress” were recently unleashed onto music sites on January 17th.

“The Actress” is a project album which consists of various singles sung not by official singers, but by some of the nation’s top iconic actresses. Park Han Byul was the first of these actresses to participate and release two singles for the album.

One of her tracks, titled “Coffee“, is a sweet pop-style song that beautifully portrays the fluttering heart of a woman who has fallen in love, while “Luv U” takes on a simple bossanova rhythm.

If “Coffee” conveys the bright and cheerful image of Park Han Byul, the actress used her own sentiments in”Luv U” to express an image of a cute girlfriend confessing her inner thoughts to her boyfriend in an endearing manner.

Park Han Byul showed great enthusiasm while working on the album, and was even the lyricists behind the two beautiful tracks. Many have praised the actress for successfully giving off a good feel in the songs with her clean and cute voice.

Check out her song ‘Luv U’ down below.

source : allkpop

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