Friday, 21 January 2011

SeeYa releases farewell album, “See You Again” + MV for “So Nice To Meet You”


The original trio of SeeYa, Nam Gyuri, Kim Yeonji, and Lee Boram, have come together for the release of their final goodbye album, “See You Again,” on January 21st!

Comprised of a total of 15 tracks, “See You Again” features two new tracks, titled “You’re So Cool to Me” and “The Last,” as well as 13 of their hit tracks, such as “Woman’s Scent,” “Heel,” “Shall We Get Married,” and “I Hate You.”

“You’re So Cool to Me” is the production of composers Kim Do-hoon and Lee Sangho, and is a medium tempo track with modern piano and string instrument sounds. “The Last” was composed by Jo Young Su, who is known for his extensive work with the girls in the past, and it’s a ballad that brings out the charms of SeeYa that fans have loved throughout the years.

The physical album will be released on January 25th and they will begin promotions on all music shows starting with M! Countdown on the 27th.

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