Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Worlds apart: Katie Waissel gets new tattoo in London as Cher Lloyd lives it up in L.A.




What this little thing? Katie shows off the bandage on her left wrist, where she has had a new tattoo but remained coy about the design

Following in the footsteps of fellow X Factor reject Cher Lloyd she has indulged in her tattoo habit, yet again.

And as the ink was still drying Katie Waissel was showing off her new body art, well the bandage at least, in London, as Cher was living it up in L.A.

The latest design brings the grand total of her tattoos to eight, just ahead of Cher’s five.

New ink: Katie's pulled up the sleeve of her cape to reveal the bandage on her wrist through which the new tattoo is seen but the design is not visible

And when the 17-year-old unveiled two new etchings as she jetted out to America last week Katie,24, seemed quick to follow suit.

Although her new tattoo was covered by a bandage, Katie was quick to draw attention to it as she held her hand to her head and pulled her cape sleeve up to reveal the new addition to her body.

The aspiring singer has been coy about the small design which according to sources took around half an hour to complete at the Frith Street tattoo parlour in Soho.

Pleased : Katie emerged from the tattoo parlour with a smile on her face

Worlds apart: As Katie got a tattoo in London Cher has been living it up in L.A.

She posted on Twitter: ‘I now have 8 tattoos hehe ;) x
Despite a number of reinventions, including dying her hair back to blonde, to try to gain a following Katie seems to be struggling to make a real name for herself and is danger of fading into obscurity alongside a long list of X Factor contestants.

And to add insult to injury as Katie was getting inked in London, Cher Lloyd has been living it up in America meeting and working with a number of well-known producers.

First the Cheryl Cole lookalike visited Maimi where she spent time with hit maker RedOne before jetting off to L.A. where she has been working with Kevin Rudolf and dining with gossip blogger Perez Hilton.

But it’s not all bad news for Katie who will be taking to the stage along with the fellow rejects for the X Factor tour which kicks off next month in Birmingham.

source: dailymail [endtext]

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