Friday, 24 December 2010

Before she was famous: Fresh-faced Katy Perry is unrecognisable in never-before-seen home videos



What a difference: Katy in the video, and on TV show Home For The Holidays last night in America

She's the singer/sex kitten who is now known as Mrs Brand after marrying irreverent British comedian Russell earlier this year.

But never-before-seen home videos show Katy Perry in a very different light, as an innocent and naive young girl with a big voice performing in her hometown at a young age.

Katy, who was known then by the name Katy Hudson, is seen fresh-faced and with her natural blonde hair as she sings her heart out on stage.

Fresh-faced: Katy Perry is seen looking virtually unrecognisable in never-before-seen home videos of her as a youngster

The home videos are set to be shown during a television special on Katy to be aired on E! in America on December 29th.

Katy has spoken in the past about her religious upbringing and what it was like being raised by two Christian ministers.

Speaking about her mother and father, and the strict rules she had to abide to as a child, Katy said: 'My religious upbringing was comically strict - even the Dirt Devil vacuum cleaner was banned.

'In our house, no one was allowed to refer to devilled eggs. We had to call them angelic eggs.

Singing her heart out: Katy, known then as Katy Hudson, performs in her hometown

Casual style: Katy wore a white top and jeans for her performance

'We were never allowed to swear. I’d get into trouble just for saying "Hell no". If you dropped a hammer on your toe in our house you had to say something like "Jiminy Christmas".

'The only music we were allowed to listen to was gospel. No wonder I rebelled!'
Meanwhile, Katy has revealed her and Russell's plans for their first Christmas together as newlyweds, saying that instead of giving each other presents, the couple have decided to focus on creating 'an experience' together.

Saucy: Katy's on-stage outfits are much more risque these days

She said: 'There will be me and Russ and a pink Christmas tree and a tofu-urky.

Honestly, we're not doing presents this year because we're going to do an experience instead.

'My whole life has been an experience, especially in these past few years and this year in particular.'

Christmas plans: Katy said she and husband Russell Brand won't be buying Christmas presents for each other this year, but will be creating an 'experience'

Katy Perry Live The 12th Annual A Home for the Holidays Firework (2010-12-22)

source: dailymail

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