Monday, 20 December 2010

December responds to netizens’ double-edged reaction over “five-octave” performance


Recently, vocalist duo December garnered a high amount of interest because of the comparisons to IU and her “three-octave vocals”. To recap, the duo delivered an impressive performance on MBC’s “Quiz to Change the World“, and earned the moniker, “five-octaves”.

Although December hoped to gain more exposure from the performance, the reaction they received was double-edged. Netizens did indeed praise the duo for their vocal talents, but clucked over their lack of popularity, leaving comments like, “[December's] vocals are far superior to IU’s, but their skills are not appreciated“, “They cant even appear on variety shows due to visual requirements“, and “It’s a shame they are not popular“.

Surprisingly, the duo responded to the issue and said, “It’s not our lack of popularity but the lack of recognition. Although we are not superstars, we are not utterly unpopular.”

Their agency also replied, “December is not an “unpopular” group. They just lack the recognition the idols achieve through their varied activities in both music and entertainment.”

Music and broadcasting officials added, “December is a skilled group that challenges the scene with their music. They are one of the few rookie vocals groups in the current music industry.”

Will you be on the lookout for more music from December, or are they just a flash-in-the-pan group? Let us know your thoughts down below!

source: allkpop [endtext]

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