Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Got everything then, Rihanna? Singer treats herself to shoes as celebrities hit the stores for some last-minute Christmas gifts



Ooh, they're pretty! Rihanna eyes up some shoes as she goes last-minute Christmas shopping in Beverly Hills yesterday

It would appear that Rihanna has managed to do all her Christmas shopping.

Because unlike a lot of us a few days before December 25, the singer certainly didn't look as though she was panicking about that last minute gift for a great aunt or second cousin as she casually strolled round the shops.

In fact, she seemed so confident that she'd got everything that she even found time to leisurely try on several pairs of shoes and test out some make-up as she wandered round Saks Fifth Avenue in Beverly Hills.

The 22-year-old was snapped trying on some strappy heels and sandals, suggesting she may be off to sunnier climes and her homeland of Barbados this Christmas as they certainly weren't footwear suitable for chilly Los Angeles.

Rihanna, who was dressed in leggings, heels, a black hooded jacket and a red baseball cap, then stopped at the cosmetics department where she tested out some concealer.

Do you have these in my size please? Rihanna gets the shop assistant's attention as she finds some shoes she likes

Finding the right shade: Rihanna tests out some concealer at the make-up counter

But while she may not have been too concerned about getting last-minute presents, not too far away, her fellow A-listers were hitting the shops in full force.

Newlywed Nicole Ritchie was seen, also strolling around a shoe department, in Barneys New York in Beverly Hills, but didn't seem to be looking for anything in particular.

Browsing: Keeping a low profile, Nicole Richie looks around a shoe department of Barneys New York in Beverly Hills

Unsuccessful: Richie has a look round more shoes before leaving empty-handed

Trying to be incognito in a large black hat and dark sunglasses, Richie, 29, looked chic in skinny black jeans and knee-high Louboutins, the white skull-print round her neck her tribute to her rocker husband Joel Madden.

She left the store empty-handed and climbed into her car, possibly on her way to another shopping centre.

But Barneys New York seemed to be a Christmas shopping favourite among the Hollywood stars, as Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jennifer Garner were snapped there doing their last-minute bits and pieces.

Frantic: Jennifer Garner spots the cameras as she takes a phonecall as she parks at Barneys New York and dashes inside

Time out: Jennifer relaxes from her frantic last-minute shop as she laughs and chats with her female friends

Jennifer, 38, looked in a bit of a rush as she chatted on her phone while climbing out of her car and dashing inside for some panic-buying.

But her stress turned to smiles as she spotted a couple of female friends and stopped for a while to laugh and chat with them.

Schwarzenegger, 63, on the other hand, looked like every last-minute male shopper as he walked into the department store.

Hasta la vista, Christmas: Arnold Schwarzenegger looks like he'd rather be anywhere than Barneys New York as he went Christmas shopping

Merry Christmas! Schwarzenegger gives a wave to the cameras as he looks round the ladies' department

The actor-turned Governor of California put on his best Terminator face as he appeared to stand in the middle of the store in utter confusion.

Looking around him, he seemed unsure about where he needed to be, but managed to flash his best red carpet smile as he noticed the cameras and gave them a little wave.

He wasn't the only man leaving it to the last minute yesterday as actor Jerry O'Connell was also seen out and about shopping for his family.

Ta da! Jerry O'Connell proudly holds up his shopping bag as he left a sportwear store in Calabasas

O'Connell, 36, who is father to two-year-old twin girls with actress wife Rebecca Romijn, 38, was snapped leaving the Lululemon Athletic Apparel store, clutching the store's shopper bag which he held up proudly at the cameras.

And Tom Hanks was seen out with his wife Rita Wilson and their son Chet, as they strolled around a mall in Santa Monica getting last minute bits and pieces.

Family shopping day: Tom Hanks is joined by wife Rita Wilson and their son Chet as they shop for last-minute Christmas items

source: dailymail

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