Wednesday, 22 December 2010

He wishes! Justin Bieber models a thick moustache... but he's got a few years to go yet



All goewn up: Justin Bieber sports a bushy moustache as he poses for a Twitter picture with a roadie backstage

Justin Bieber has the rock star fortune, tour bus and groupies. But at just 16 years old he'll have to wait until a few years until he enjoys them.

So perhaps the teen star is hoping that a moustache will help him appear older than his age.

Bieber and a friend jokingly donned the fake moustaches today, posing for photos they posted on Twitter.

The pop star, too young to grow his own facial hair, was messing around backstage at his gig in Birmingham, Alabama.

The comedy facial hair was given to Bieber as a gift by one of his fans.

His Twitter post was a hit with fans, began the trending topic 'stacheswaggin'.

It's not the first time Bieber has pretended to sport a moustache.

Earlier this month he drew one on with a pen as he dined in an upmarket restaurant in Mayfair.

Matching look: Bieber's friend also tried on a fake moustache

Perhaps Bieber is hoping his rumoured girlfriend Selena Gomez will be impressed - at 18 she is two years his senior.

But even without a moustache, Bieber seems to have won her over.

The teenagers have been seen together frequently, and earlier this week Selena even joined Bieber on his tour bus, where the pair were spotted hugging.

Justin Bieber Dances in Alabama!

source: dailymail

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