Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Isn't it a bit early for bed? Suri Cruise rocks her cute PJs as she visits mum at work




Ready for bed: Suri Cruise was already in her cosy pyjamas when she visited her mother Katie Holmes on her movie set in LA yesterday

Guess that even little fashionistas need their days off lounging around in their cosy pyjamas.

And Suri Cruise was no exception yesterday when she stopped by mum Katie Holmes' Los Angeles film set.

Even though it was daytime the four-year-old was dressed for bed already in some cute all-in-one PJs.

Thirsty work: Suri finishes off a bottle of water as her mother carries her around the set

Suri's fleecy teddy bear print pyjamas looked nice and warm and covered her neck to toe.

It was an unusual look for the style-conscious girl who normally is seen in frilly dresses and fashionable shoes with little heels.

Suri was paying a visit to Katie on her Jack and Jill film set at the Grove shopping centre.

And Katie was also dressed down from her usual stylish self too - wearing some dark jeans, a striped T-shirt and clunky buckle boots.

Tuckered out: Suri was looking like she was definitely ready for bed as the early evening approached

Katie Holmes Temporarily Released by Xenu to Visit the Grove

source: dailymail


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