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Katy Perry makes ANOTHER jibe at Sesame Street… with a dirty joke on The Simpsons


Special guest: Katy Perry starred in a special Christmas episode of The Simpsons in a provocative PVC low-cut red dress following being cut from a scheduled appearance in Sesame Street

Katy Perry doesn’t seem to be able to let her Sesame Street axing go, and has appeared in an episode of The Simpsons to make another jibe at the children’s show.

In a special Christmas episode titled The Fight Before Christmas, Perry guest-starred in the all-puppet live action segment.

The Simpsons’ characters were transformed into puppets and the I Kissed A Girl singer made sure to shock with a dirty joke, while wearing a low-cut skin-tight PVC red dress.

Dirty joke: Katy, who plays bar keeper Moe's girlfriend in the episode, makes a dirty joke when the character kisses her crotch instead of her belly button

While showing off her curves in the figure-hugging dress, which was slightly more revealing than the outfit that got her cut from Sesame Street, Katy sang a spoof version of The 39-Days of Christmas.

Her appearance on the show, in which she plays bar keeper Moe’s girlfriend, was nothing controversial though until the credits rolled.

In the final scene, the puppet version of Moe tried to jump up and kiss the singer on the lips.

After failing, Moe said: ‘I’ll just kiss your belly button’, before pushing his face into her crotch.

Katy said: ‘That’s not my belly button!’ and as Moe pulled away, she added: ‘But I didn’t say stop!’

The 26-year-old star was cast in The Simpsons special episode in September, which was when the show’s executive producer Al Jean spoke of her role to Entertainment Weekly.

Christmas special: The special Christmas episode aired last night in the U.S., where the cartoon's characters all appeared as puppets

He said: ‘In the wake of Elmo’s terrible betrayal, The Simpsons puppets wish to announce they stand felt-shoulder-to-shoulder with Katy Perry.’

Katy’s Hot N Cold duet with Elmo was banned after her low-cut costume was considered a little too risqué for the children’s show.

After being axed from the episode, Katy also made an appearance on Saturday Night Live in a raunchy Elmo T-shirt to poke fun at the decision made by TV bosses.

But as The Simpsons episode aired last night, Katy was performing at KIIS FM’s Jingle Ball concert at the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles.

Festive hug: Racy Katy Perry gave Mr Burns a raunchy hug while wearing her PVC red dress and scarlet lipstick

She dressed in a snowman-inspired dress and performed alongside other special guests at the event including Enrique Iglesias, Nelly and Selena Gomez.

And the singer recently revealed that she’ll be bringing a little sunshine to snowy Britain as she prepares for her UK tour.

‘It’s gonna be great. All the dates have sold out in the UK. It’ll be really fun, very visual and, like I said, engaging all the senses.’

And after signing a deal with lingerie firm Victoria’s Secret, she told The Sun: ‘Victoria’s Secret are on board so girlfriends – lock up your boyfriends.

Christmas celebrations: While The Simpsons episode aired last night, Katy Perry was performing at the KIIS FM's Jingle Ball concert in Los Angeles

Snow-woman: Katy dressed in a snowman-inspired dress and performed alongside other special guests at the event including Enrique Iglesias, Nelly and Selena Gomez

‘That’s the thing with me, I think a lot of the girlfriends are bringing their boyfriends and they’re not really dragging their feet. They will secretly be excited I think.’

The American singer is no stranger to Britain and after marrying Russell Brand six weeks ago, she has openly declared that the UK is her second home.

And speaking of her new husband, she admitted that Russell has been extremely happy recently, due to his football team West Ham’s success.

‘He’s been very, very happy. In fact I think the happiest day of his life was probably a few days ago when West Ham won.’

Red carpet glamour: Before Katy took to the stage at the KISS FM Jingle Ball, she wore a glamorous purple gown and nude heels on the red carpet

Axed: Katy Perry's scene in Sesame Street was cut after it was deemed too racy for the children's show

source: dailymail

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