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Last night of freedom: Stag Peter Barlow left trapped in The Joinery with Nick Platt and Ashley Peacock after tram crash causes devastation on Coronat


Trapped: Peter Barlow, Ashley Peacock and Nick Platt are trapped in the rubble of The Joinery bar after the tram crash in Coronation Street

Stag dos usually see the groom-to-be indulge in night of partying with friends.

But Peter Barlow's last night of freedom ended in a very different way on Coronation Street, when a tram crash on the show left him, Nick Platt and Ashley Peacock trapped beneath the rubble of The Joinery bar.

Aware that Barlow's injuries are life threatening, Platt and Peacock attempt to mount their own rescue mission to help emergency services who desperately try to reach them.

Who will survive? Platt and Peacock mount their own rescue mission, aware that Barlow's injuries are life-threatening

But as they start moving bits of rubble out of the way, the Joinery starts to collapse, leaving all three of their lives in danger.

The dramatic scenes are the latest in the terrifying tram crash storyline which has caused devastation throughout Weatherfield.

Producers of the ITV show chose to mark the 50th anniversary of the soap with the most catastrophic scenes in the history of the programme.

It marks a dramatic change of pace for a show whose beauty - in the eyes of many of its fans - lies in its diet of mainly humdrum day-to-day events in northwest England, told with a tight script and a dose of dark humour.

Danger: But as they start moving Barlow, the rubble begins to collapse, leaving all three of them in danger

In September it became the longest-running TV soap opera in the world, and will soon pass the 7,500-episode milestone.

Despite the explosion of television channels in recent years, Corrie remains one of the country's most-watched programmes with around 10 million viewers tuning in four times a week.

It has also been syndicated in dozens of countries around the world, ranging from the Netherlands to New Zealand.

While it was panned by the critics in its early episodes, its cobbled streets and cosy theme tune soon became a regular fixture for millions of viewers.

It helped launch the careers of a number of big-name actors such as Ben Kingsley and guest stars have included Ian McKellan and even Prince Charles, the heir to the throne.

Who's next? Becky McDonald tries to help Sunita Alahan after finding her buried underneath the rubble in the corner shop

Among ITV shows, only Simon Cowell's talent show X Factor can rival the impact of Corrie, which spars with the BBC's London-based Eastenders for soap supremacy.

The chaos of the crash, watched by more than 14.5 million viewers on Monday, is sparked when an explosion tears apart The Joinery bar, causing the tram to plunge from the viaduct above into the street of familiar red-brick terraced houses.

The incident leaves much-loved characters such as Rita Sullivan, Ken Barlow and Ashley Peacock lying motionless amid the wreckage.

Devastation Street: Rita Sullivan (Barbara Knox) lays in the ruins after a tram crash causes destruction in Weatherfield

Who will survive? Three main characters will die through the crash. Here, Ken Barlow (William Roache) appears to be injured as he is seen unconscious on the cobbles

In true soap style, fans who regularly watch will be left to wonder who survives the devastation as the storyline develops over five nights, including a live special on Thursday, the day of the 50th anniversary.

One of the longest-serving characters, Ken, played by William Roache, and his son's bride-to-be Leanne Battersby, played by Jane Danson, are also floored as the tram plummets into the cobbled street.

Trauma: Chris Gray (Will Thorp) struggles to move as he is covered in bricks and surrounded by fire

The scene: The cast and crew get ready to shoot the dramatic scenes, which have apparently cost more than £1million

Roache said: 'I had tears of pride to belong to a team that can produce something like that - which is not only the best thing in Coronation Street ever, the best thing on TV ever..

The shocking scenes have taken months to film and the tram stunt is believed to have cost up to £1million.

It has been a momentous few weeks for Corrie with the tram crash following close on the heels of the death of Jack Duckworth last month.

Coronation street Tram Crash and explosion REedit!

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