Monday, 13 December 2010

Octomom Nadya Suleman poses for a family Christmas card portrait


Merry Christmas: Nadya Suleman poses with ten of her children for a picture to go on the family Christmas card

Couldn't they fit all of the children in the picture?

Nadya Suleman, aka Octomom, only manages to squeeze ten of her fourteen children into the frame for the family portrait picture which will be used for this year's Suleman family Christmas card.

In the picture, Nadya, 35, sits centre stage in a revealing red vest top surrounded by some of her children wearing festive Santa hats, with a stuffed donkey and a Christmas tree in the background.

Although the single mother appears the picture of festive happiness, things are not as rosy as they may appear in the Suleman household.

The multi-mother has been ordered to pay a $450,000 balloon payment for the mortgage on her La Habra, California house before December 31 or she risks being evicted from the property.

The jobless Suleman has been frantically trying to raise the cash needed to save her house through charging for public appearances and even holding a yard sale to sell off some of her belongings.

Proud mum: Suleman with six of her new born octuplets shortly after their birth in January 2009
Nadya gave birth to octuplets in January 2009 after already having six children at home.

The babies were only the second set of octuplets in the United States to be born alive.

Since the birth of the babies, which made news headline across the globe, Nadya has become a personality, appearing on various chat shows and in magazine interviews talking about her controversial family.

Suleman has also recently revealed she is filming a reality show following her hectic life as a single mother of 14.

Playtime: Suleman at a La Hambra park near her home in August with three of her six eldest children

Octomom Milkshake Brings All the Children to the Yard

source: dailymail

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