Thursday, 9 December 2010

Ooh la la: Nicolas Sarkozy reaches out for Carla to spice up a seemingly boring meeting on his Indian state visit


Glass-eyed: Nicolas Sarkozy struggles to look interested during a meeting at the ISRO (Indian Space Research Organisation) in Bangalore

You can't blame Nicolas Sarkozy for looking a touch glass-eyed during a meeting at the Indian Space Research Organization, even the rest of the audience look a little bored.

But the lucky French President had just the thing to help him focus: his beautiful wife, singer Carla Bruni.

Mr Sarkozy reached out for Ms Bruni's hand during the meeting, raising a small smile from her, but not altering his famously moody features.

France's first couple are in India a part of a four day visit aiming to help France increase its nuclear energy contracts, as well as stressing India's increased power in World Affairs.

Mr Sarkozy may not seem like the kind of man who likes to follow in others' footsteps. But his visit comes a month after Barak Obama's Indian visit and almost six months after David Cameron's, in late July.

Ms Bruni looked as stylish as ever at the meeting, so it is no wonder that her husband couldn't keep his hands of her.

As Mr Sarkozy reached out for his wife, she clasped his hand - seemingly so gripped by the meeting that she did not even turn to look at him.

Helping hand: Carla Bruni senses her husband reaching out for her, but cannot drag her eyes away from the meeting's speaker

The couple held hands for the rest of the meeting - which Sarkozy suddenly seemed more engrossed by.

His interest had not spread to the audience behind him though who continued to look around, ready for the meeting to end.

Living up to French stereotypes, the first couple have never shied from public displays of affection.

Ever since they met, a month after Sarkozy had separated from his second wife, the pair have made their love for each other very clear.

But with this latest display, the pair are perhaps hoping to quash rumours, spread on twitter, that their marriage is in trouble and that they are both having extramarital affairs.

Firm grasp: Suddenly Mr Sarkozy looks more interested in the meeting... just as a man sitting behind the couple whips out his iPod

Intimacy: Mr Sarkozy and his wife have never shied away from public displays of affection but do rumours of affairs mean they are just trying to make a point?

source: dailymail

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