Saturday, 11 December 2010

Toy boy Justin Bieber is lucky in love with TWO older girlfriends



Stud: At just 16-years-old Justin already has two beautiful girls on the go

He has no shortage of older female fans having been linked to Kim Kardashian and kissed by Katy Perry.

But it seems that Justin Bieber can’t get enough of older woman and now has two girlfriends on the go.

The 16-year-old heartthrob is reportedly dating Disney stars Jasmine Villegas and Selena Gomez at the same time.

Double dating: Bieber with girlfriend no.1 Selena Gomez (left) and girlfriend no.2 Jasmine Villegas (right)

The pint-sized popstar was seen leaving a restaurant this week with former co-star Selena Gomez who is two years older his senior, the Sun reported.

The pair who starred in the Disney series Wizards of Waverly Place were seen cuddling over their pancakes at the IHOP restaurant in Philadelphia.

And young Bieber is not sticking to just one woman as it seems he is also seeing 17-year-old Jasmine Villegas too.

Admiring the view: Justin and Kim Kardashian are quick to pose together on the red carpet at the Jingle Ball

The That's So Raven star appeared on the video for Justin's smash hit Baby and the pair had a secret meeting in Atlanta late last month.

Bieber was spotted kissing the brunette beauty on her recent video shoot and in the back of a car back in September.

But it seems despite all parties denying any romance it seems both girls believe they are the old girl for the young Casanova.

Heartbreaker: The young Casanova performs to a screaming crowd in New York at the Jingle Ball

A source told the Sun:’Justin and Jasmine have been closer than they have let on for some time.

‘He turned up on her video shoot and they were kissing and cuddling. She refers to him as her boyfriend. She also went to Atlanta to visit him.

‘But Selena seems to think she's his girlfriend too.

‘She's been gushing about him to her friends - and they had this cute breakfast date in Philadelphia this week.

‘Justin could take his pick of the world's teenage girls - and he's loving it. Two older women on the go aged 16 is pretty impressive stuff.’

News of either hook-up will devastate millions of teenage girls around the world who have succumbed to Bieber fever.

And at the Radio Q102 Jingle Ball the singer made one lucky fan’s dreams come true.
The teenager proved to be the star of the night sending the crowd into a frenzy when he pulled a female audience member onto the stage and serenaded her.

The young philanderer treated the lucky lady to a huge bunch of multi-coloured roses and stroked her cheek as her performed.

Used to the attention of his screaming fans Justin also has also caught the eye of a number of celebrity starlets.

Despite her recent nuptials Katy Perry was quick to congratulate her favourite little man with a kiss after he became the youngest ever winner of the coveted Favourite Artist crown at the American Music Awards last month.

Hide the ring: Despite being married to Russell Brand, Katy looked happy to smooch up to Justin

She also puckered up for a smooch with the Biebster back in March when she tracked him down backstage at the Nickelodeon Teen Choice Awards.

Even curvy reality starlet Kim Kardashian cannot resist him and despite a 13-year age gap was quick to pose with him on the red carpet at the Jingle Ball.

After meeting him at the 2010 White House Correspondents' Dinner in Washington, D.C., cougar Kim tweeted: 'I officially have Bieber Fever!!!'

The Baby hitmaker returned the compliment by posting a picture on his Twitter page with the accompanying message: 'Look its my girlfriend Kim Kardashian.'

source: dailymail


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