Monday, 6 December 2010

Xzibit Tattoos

The quintessential Rap/Hip Hop personality, Xzibit has been on the scene since 1996. His MySpace page lists his influences with defiance: "Real life & Real people" are the first two, followed up with "Public Enemy, Motown, Kush…" and, er, "A Mortons Steak."His sound is inescapable for anyone in possession of MTV and the collection of popular music video channels. "God coming" is how the man himself defines his noise. This is tune that's all about, well, what all nineties and noughties rap music is all about. Bitches, money (lots of money), fame, filth, weapon toting, so on and so forth. It's exactly what you'll find yourself dancing to at two am in any midline pop/hip hop-playing club after a few too many. It's good fun! Check out Paparazzi, Bitch Please & Concentrate for the deadliest examples of what I'm talking about.

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