Saturday, 15 January 2011

Alex Reid 'begged' Katie Price to reconsider after refusing to sign divorce statement



Happier times: Katie and Alex looked so in love this time last year - but now she wants out the marriage and has cut him off financially

Fans have been waiting with baited breath all week for Katie Price and Alex Reid to announced their separation.

And if he has anything to do with it, then they may be waiting a little while longer.
Reports today have claimed that the cagefighter broke down in tears and refused to sign a statement declaring that the couple's marriage was over.

According to the Sun, Alex, 35, and Katie, 32, sat down together with lawyers at their Surrey mansion this week to draw up a statement announcing their separation after just 11 months.

But Reid is believed to have refused to sign before tearfully begging Katie for another chance and think about what made her fall in love with him in the first place.

A source told the paper: 'The situation is verging on the ridiculous. Everything was agreed on the wording of the statement and the separation at the weekend.

Devastated: A glum Alex Reid leaves the house he shares with wife Katie Price amid reports he refused to sign a statement declaring their split

Tearful: The gloomy wet weather matched Alex's mood as he drove away

'It was simple enough. A few lines saying the marriage hadn't worked out, they wished each other well and they wouldn't be saying anything further.

'Katie signed the papers but, when it came to Alex, he broke down and cried. He wouldn't do it. He was livid about the Amir Khan business, but wanted to prove he was the bigger man.

'He still thinks, given time, he could remind her why they fell in love in the first place. He's a broken man - he can't believe it hasn't worked out.'

No backing down: Katie refused to listen to Alex's pleas to give their marriage another chance

The couple are still living together under the same roof, and Alex was snapped leaving the house on Thursday looking glum and deep in thought.

The Sun also reported that Katie, who has three children by previous partners, former boyfriend Dwight Yorke and ex-husband Peter Andre, has cut Alex off financially - which gave him the signal that she'd left him 'high and dry'.

The source added that she has been funding his publicity but not his bills and he is now having to rely on his brother Rupert for help.

Miserable: Alex looked very down in the dumps as he trained at a gym near his home last Monday

They said: 'Katie told Alex to look after himself because she's not going to pay another penny from her fortune to support him.

'That was the big signal to him that she'd left him high and dry.'

And once he signs the legal papers, he will have to leave the Surrey mansion and move back in with his parents, who are believed to be 'devastated' that his marriage has failed.

source :dailymail [endtext]

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