Friday, 7 January 2011

Don't wait too long to start a family says BBC DJ Lauren Laverne



Admission: DJ Lauren Laverne has said that her decision to start a family is in stark contrast to her friends

She has an army of loyal listeners among the Bridget Jones generation of 30-something singletons.

Yet BBC radio presenter Lauren Laverne has criticised the growing culture of ‘freemales’ who choose an independent life over having a husband and family.

The 32-year-old BBC 6 Music host says women who delay having a family in their twenties risk never finding ‘a sense of completion’.

Despite initially being seen as a ‘ladette’, the ex-pop singer married when she was 27 and had her first child, Fergus, two years later. She gave birth to her second son, Mack, in September last year. Her husband is DJ Graeme Fisher.

But she admits her decision to start a family is in stark contrast to her friends who are not interested in settling down until they are 35.

‘I was getting married when none of my friends even lived with their boyfriends, and then I had Fergus,’ she told Red Magazine.

‘It’s great that you get to be young for longer, but the downside is people worry too much. If you’re with the right person, do it, get married, have the baby, take a leap of faith. You can’t plan everything, you can’t wait and wait and wait.

‘The nice thing now is that I have a sense of completion about my family and the future. You can only really get that when you crack on when you’re young.’

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