Thursday, 13 January 2011

Even first class makes mistakes: Cher Lloyd arrives in Los Angeles on £1,500 flight - but there's no sign of her luggage



Nothing to declare: Cher Lloyd had only her hand luggage to fall back on when she arrived in Los Angeles

Flying first class might be the only way for an aspiring pop star to travel - but even they get it wrong sometimes, as Cher Lloyd discovered.

The wannabe popstar was clearly making the most of the high life on her current trip to the US when she flew first class from Miami to Los Angeles on Wednesday.

But when she arrived at Los Angeles Airport, the 17-year-old discovered that her luggage had not made the trip with her - and was nowhere to be seen.

Where's my bag? It quickly became apparent to Cher that something was wrong when she reached the luggage carousel

A worried-looking Cher - dressed in a scarlet top, tiger print jeans and high heeled boots - clearly realised something was wrong at the baggage carousel.

Time-consuming: Cher had to spend around 45 minutes filling in paperwork in an attempt to retrieve her luggage

And when no suitcase was forthcoming, she was forced to leave the area empty-handed and make her way over to the lost luggage department.

There, the singer reportedly had to wait around 45 minutes to fill in the necessary paperwork, in the hope of getting her bag back.

Can I have my bag back? It looked as if Cher was not the only person who had lost luggage on their flight

Cher flew from Miami to Los Angeles on the first class flight - which cost around £1,500 - to work with on her debut album.

The Black Eyed Peas star was battling it out with fellow hiphop behemoth Jay-Z to sign Cher, despite the fact she only came fourth on the show.

However, in the end, the Malvern, Worcestershire, lass decided to plump for Simon Cowell's Syco media conglomerate instead.

I had it when I got here: Cher had previously arrived at Miami Airport for her first class flight, with the suitcase intact

And her lack of luggage did not stop her from having a good time in Los Angeles.
Cher revealed on her Twitter page that she had met up with rap star Lil Wayne, and sang his praises after spending time with him.

'had an amazin meet with lil wayne last night,the guys a genius! thank you,' she tweeted.

Going west: Cher is in the US making a start on her debut album, and is planning to work with in LA

During her time in the US Cher is said to have been rehearsing with producer RedOne, who has worked with former X Factor contestant Alexandra Burke as well as Lady Gaga.

Since jetting out to Miami over the weekend, the singer has also been busy with a number of meetings as well as hitting the recording studio.

But while Cher is enjoying the perks of her new job, she's not enjoying a happy time in her personal life, as news emerged earlier this week that her new boyfriend allegedly bedded another woman days after they got together.

Still smiling: The case may have vanished but the teenager singer still had her beloved Paul's Boutique handbag

According to The Sun, waitress Katie Cross has said she slept with Cher's supposed new boyfriend Karim Roundi just five days after he started seeing Cher.

Kate told the paper: ‘I went with them [Karim and X Factor contestant Paije] to their hotel for drinks. Me and Karim kissed.'

She continued: 'He asked me upstairs for a hot chocolate and one thing led to another. Before we went Paije said, "What about Cher?" I thought it was a joke.’

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