Sunday, 23 January 2011

For once it's not her 'turkey neck' making headlines... Ulrika Jonsson's zany Comedy Awards behaviour has TV audiences scratching heads



In pain? Ulrika Johnsson put in a bizarre blue carpet appearance at last night's British Comedy Awards

It is usually her gaunt appearance that is making headlines.

And while Ulrika Jonsson looks as worryingly frail as ever, it was her behaviour that had people talking at last night's British Comedy Awards.

The television presenter's bizarre antics both on the 'blue' carpet and inside the awards ceremony at London's O2 Arena caused a stir.

From her oddball poses outside, to her disruptive shouting throughout the event, Ulrika certainly had audiences and industry colleagues scratching their heads.

While other celebrities glammed up in gowns, Ulrika dressed somewhat casually for the gala in leather trousers, a sequinned top and her hair haphazardly scraped back.
Usually at ease on the red carpet, the 43-year-old seemed in physical pain as she posed for photographers.

Looking more like she was desperate for a trip to the bathroom, she bit her lip and stood awkwardly.

Rowdy: The TV presenter was accused of heckling people during the ceremony and being a bad sport when her show Shooting Stars lost out on a gong

Her strained appearance only drew more unflattering attention to her 'turkey' neck - the result of her dramatic weight loss.

Things didn't get any better inside, with TV viewers noting her undignified reaction to her show Shooting Stars losing the Best Comedy Panel Show to Would I Lie To You.

Audiences took to internet forums and social networking to ridicule the star.

'WillOConnor' wrote on Twitter: 'Brilliant! Ulrika Jonsson caught giving the "You're f****** kidding me" when Shooting Stars lost out on an award. Poker face, love!'

Bad loser: Ulrika (2nd right) was caught looking upset when Shooting Stars lost out on Best Comedy Panel Show

'Laurajaneneads' added: 'Ulrika Jonsson is clearly on the vodka tonight. It's only 40 minutes in and she's already heckling the guests. Classy.'

The mother-of-four was also caught on camera heckling awards presenters including The Only Way Is Essex stars Sam Faiers and Amy Childs while they handed out an award.

Forum users report seeing her shout 'Shut up!' at the stage from her seat in the

Show producers appeared to cotton on to her somewhat entertaining antics throughout the event, and began to pan to her for comical reactions.

Bad sport: The 43-year-old was seen heckling The Only Way Is Essex stars Sam Faiers, Harry Derbridge and Amy Childs while the presented an award onstage

Miss Johnsson returned to screens on Shooting Stars this season, after first appearing on the show back in the 1990s.

She has become arguably more famous for her changing body shape of late, with her gaunt appearance worrying fans.

She paid £11,000 for cosmetic surgery last year, getting breast reduction and lift after her chest ballooned to 34I during her last pregnancy.

Ulrika finally seems happy with her shape now, boasting last year: 'I've got the breasts of a 16-year-old!'

Ulrika talking kids and career on GMTV

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