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Former Coronation Street butcher Steven Arnold gets the chop from Dancing On Ice



Not enough: Steven danced to DeBarge's Rhythm Of The Night with partner Nina Ulanova - but it wasn't enough to keep them in the competition

Former Coronation Street star Steven Arnold skated off Dancing On Ice last night after getting the lowest votes from both the judges and the public.

The 36-year-old soap favourite - who played Fred Elliot's son, squeaky-voiced butcher Ashley Peacock - was scored just seven out of a possible 30 by the judges for his routine.

He found himself at the bottom of the leader board out of the total 12 competing celebrities - and after the public vote, found himself in the bottom two, alongside former cricketer Dominic Cork.

Point of order: Steven tried a lift but it didn't land him enough votes from the judges or the public

But after one more turn around the rink, judges Jason Gardiner, Emma Bunton and Robin Cousins unanimously sent him home - and Dominic was safe for another week.

Magnanimous in his defeat, Steven told hosts Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby - who looked stunning in a white pleated Grecian-style frock - that he'd loved his time on the show.

On your marks: Co-host Holly Willoughby and judges Jason Gardiner, Robin Cousins and Emma Bunton just before the skate off between Steven and cricketer Dominic Cork

However, he did answer accusations that he'd not shown enough commitment when it had come to rehearsals, due to his role in pantomime over Christmas, as Jack in Jack And The Beanstalk in Southsea.

He said: 'I've put my heart and soul into this. And I just want to say that (Russian skating partner) Nina (Ulanova) has been like a big sister, so thank you very much.'

Unlucky seven: Steven and Nina only scored seven out of a maximum 30 from the judges - and the public vote couldn't save them

Steven's character Ashley was killed off in the Weatherfield tram crash of last month after 15 years on the cobbles.

Earlier, judge Jason Gardiner had suggested that he was as big as disaster on the ice as the tram had been on the Street.

Just before awarding Steven a crushing two points he said: ' You're a natural -disaster. It's like watching someone who's had one to many at a tacky awful seaside resort. Are you going to take this competition seriously?

But Steven bit back, saying:' I am absolutely taking this competition seriously! I've not got the natural ability but I'm giving it my all.'

Moment of truth: The 12 celebrities and their partners lining up to find out from host Phillip Schofield who had ended up in the bottom two - and the dreaded skate off

However, it was too little too late.

It was the first time in this year's series of the show that the judges' votes had influence over who stayed or went - and Steven was the first victim.

The last two weeks were purely down to the public vote - and there were double evictions each time.

First to skate off into the sunset were Angela Rippon and Nadia Sawalha, followed by Elen Rivas and Craig McLachlan.

All smiles: Sam has landed the highest score of the show two weeks in a row now

Top of the leaderboard after last night's show however was former EastEnders star Sam Attwater, 24, who scored a whopping 25 out of 30 - and even left acid-tongued judge Jason lost for words, something he didn't have a problem with for the rest of the show.

Emma Bunton - who announced live on the show that she had just got engaged to long-term partner Jade Jones - described Sam as 'a joy to watch.'

Meanwhile, judge Robin said of their routine to One Republic's Stop And Stare, which included an impressive lift: ' It is incredble to see the power and control you have. Can't wait to see how you're going to stretch yourself. That was a semi-final performance, I can't believe we're seeing this so soon.'

Thrilled: The pair were chuffed to bits with their high score which kept them safe in the competition for another week

Children's TV presenter Laura Hamilton, 28, meanwhile shocked herself when she found herself second in the leaderboard after an impressive turn around the rink to Kylie Minogue's All The Lovers with her partner Colin.

However, the Nickolodeon star fell foul of judge Jason who accused her of having short fat legs, saying: 'Your legs are rather stumpy so you have to point your foot.'

A horrified Holly interjected: 'How can you say she's got stumpy legs? She's got beautiful legs!'

And Emma butted in saying: 'I adore watching you! Once your confidence comes, I think it could just be brilliant.'

In fact, Dancing On Ice's resident coach Karen Barber blasted Jason for his personal comments on the show after he branded Jeff Brazier as skating as if he was 'missing a couple of chromosomes.'

Karen raged: 'It doesn't have to be personal. You get very offensive and you don't need to do that. Nerves have been really bad this week. They know they can do their routines better. But your comments don't have to be so hurtful.'

All smiles: Jennifer seemed delighted with her score - and her hunky partner

There was a frisson of excitement around the rink however when Jennifer Metcalfe and her partner Sylvain Longchambon took to the ice just a day after they confessed the romantic moves on the show had transferred into real life.

Hollyoaks star Jen had also suffered a disaster during training in the week, where a skate gouged a hole in her leg, requiring stitches.

The Bradford-born beauty, 27, powered through the pain however and with her man beside her, landed a joint second mark of 19.5 after a complicated routine to Katy Perry's California Gurls.

Afterwards, a grinning Jen told Holly and Phillip: 'That felt amazing! This is more like it!'

Relief: Chloe said she had been 'petrified' of the move as she spoke afterwards to host Phillip and coaches Jane Torvill and Christopher Dean

Chloe Madeley, 23, meanwhile was watched by her mother Judy Finnegan, who was sat in the audience cheering her daughter along.

She was attempting the dangerous frog lift where she would be standing on partner Michael Zenezini's thighs - one that Sinitta had failed at on last year's show. Film of presenter and model Chloe in training showed that she was terrified, though she insisted: 'I can't let the fear take over.'

But it was alright on the night and skating to Miley Cyrus's version of The Climb, she managed to pull it off and managed to score 19 points - three higher than last week.

However, again, Jason chipped in with a personal comment, criticising her for sticking her bottom out as she skated:

He sniped: 'You had what I call a babboon bum, as it was sticking out. It was unsightly and in your face.'

But rounding up the scoring Phillip Schofield chipped in with: 'You have a lovely bum by the way.'

Middling: The pair were given a very average mark considering the highs and lows of the leaderboard

Vanilla Ice had a good week, dancing to Minnie The Moocher and landing a respectable 16. The rapper donned a sparkly top hat and tails for his jazz-style routine.

Afterwards, he said: 'Jason said he wanted to see me out of my element and he got it tonight. It was just awsome.'

Kerry Katona, 30, however put in a resolutely mid-table performance last night dancing to Aretha Franklin's Respect with partner Daniel Whiston.

Though she received positive comments from all the judges, they had negatives too and her score remained exactly the same last week, showing a lack of progress.

But her partner Daniel was full of praise. He revealed: 'I have absolute respect for Kerry. She kept going even though she thought her boobs had fallen out at one point.'

Foiled again: Denise Welch was trussed up like a turkey in her Abba-style gold lycra catsuit but failed to cook up a decent score

Second from last at the bottom of the table however was Denise Welsh, 52, who failed to impress with her routine to Abba's Gimme Gimme Gimme while dressed in an awful skintight gold catsuit.

After last week being told that she skated like partner Matt Evers's mother, this week, Jason bitched: 'It should have been so much more camp than just your costume.'

However, Denise did feel she had let herself down after 'having a senior moment' in the middle of her steps.

Shock: Comedy Dave Vitty (R) and partner Frankie Poultney (C) were shocked to be put through to next week's show after their low marks

Survivor: Johnson Beharry made it through his routine despite a broken finger

Despite being arguably the most wooden on the rink, Radio 1's 'Comedy' Dave Vitty, 36, survived for another week, despite having as confessed, a 'Weeble wobble.'

Jason seemed to surprise himself with his reaction as he said: 'Dave, you can't dance, you can't perform and you can;t find a beat. But I can't stop looking at you.

I find you entertaining and I don't know why I like watching you as technically, it's a disaster.'

Pointing the finger: Some viewers felt that Jeff Brazier was having a gay jibe at judge Jason Gardiner after his routine, which he has strenuously denied

Military veteran Johnson Beharry, 31, meanwhile bravely battled on despite broken finger scoring 13, and Jeff Brazier, 31, made it through to another week despite getting a disappointing 11 despite spinning around the rink to I Want You Back by The Jackson 5.

There were also fears that he was making a gay jibe at Jason beforehand when he said: 'I want to say JG, before he rains on my parade, the boys are in the audience over there. They are experts in group insemination, I mean group interrogation, so just watch out.'

But Jeff's PR Sean O'Brien said the comments were not meant to be homophobic. He said: 'Jeff gets his words wrong sometimes, it was not on purpose'

Comedy Dave dancing on ice - Week Two

Dancing On Ice Week 1 Laura Hamilton

Dancing On Ice Week 1 Chloe Madeley

Dancing On Ice Week 1 Vanilla Ice

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