Thursday, 13 January 2011

G-Dragon performs “Nightmare” on ‘M. Countdown’ + Seungri comeback teaser!


Earlier this week, GD&TOP released a promotional video alerting fans that G-Dragon will perform his solo track, “Nightmare“, from their album on this week’s “M. Countdown“.

Producers of ‘M. Countdown’ revealed, “Fans have been calling us constantly, asking to see performances of the different songs from their album, aside from their triple title tracks. We’ve provided a rock band to give a unique flair to the rock-themed ‘Nightmare.’ Fans will be able to see another side to G-Dragon’s charms.”

With two more music videos, additional solo stages, and Seungri’s upcoming comeback, fans will have plenty to look forward to until Big Bang’s official comeback.

Check out GD&TOP’s “Knock Out” and G-Dragon’s “Obsession” below!

And since the Big Bang crew always runs together, we’ve attached Seungri’s comeback teaser from ‘M. Countdown’ here as well!

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