Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Horikita Maki confesses her “villainy” from the past at premiere of “Byakuyako”


The premiere for “Byakuyako” was held on January 19th, and cast members Horikita Maki, Kora Kengo, and Funakoshi Eiichiro showed up to the greet the press. As we reported several times, Horikita is challenging an evil role in the movie for the first time.

At the premiere event, Horikita was asked by the host what kind of villainies she has done in the past. Horikita answered, “I can’t tell you the worst wrong I have done, but I will confesse my tenth worst one. I was quite terrible at drawing, so I asked my friend to draw it for me in art class. I even received a compliment for the picture.”

Listening her past villainy, Funakoshi, the king of suspense drama, said, “It’s quite bad for the tenth thing. I would like to know what you have done for the worst to the ninth.”

The official release of “Byakuyako” is scheduled to be on January 29th, and it will also be exhibited at the “61st Berlin International Film Festival.”

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