Saturday, 29 January 2011

Is the Hilton brand expanding? Paris flaunts a fuller figure on the catwalk in Brazil



Paris Hilton strutted her stuff on the catwalk in Brazil

She's the heiress to a multi-million dollar fortune and with her line of fragrances, make-up and clothing she has cultivated a Barbie-inspired brand based on herself.

But as her empire is expanding so, it appears, is her waistline and the 29-year-old showed off a remarkably fuller figure in Brazil yesterday.

Paris, who was appearing in a San Paulo fashion show, was paraded pretty dresses down the runway flaunting her newly-found curves.

The usually super-slim socialite appears to have been putting on pounds quite rapidly over the past six months.

Her appearance was in stark contrast to the Paris that soaked up the sun in a pink stripey two-piece in St Tropez, back in July.

Pairs enjoyed an extended jaunt around European hotspots on her yacht over the summer and played up to the media frenzy that followed, her flaunting her trim and slim frame in a number of stylish swimwear pieces.

Model moves: Paris strode down the catwalk in outfits by fashion brand Triton

Yesterday while she was still happy to pose for the cameras she was looking at her largest and sported a much fuller figure.

As she modeled the chic designs, which included a black dress with pleated skirt and bright trim, she wore her hair in a French plat on the side of her head revealing a much plumper face than usual.

Paris closed the show as the lead model and wore a stunning strapless metallic dress teemed with huge platform heels.

Leader of the pack: Paris lead the final parade as the fashion show closed

She tweeted: ‘Just finished walking in the @TritonLovers Runway Fashion Show. The show went amazing! The clothes were so beautiful! Loves it! Brazil rocks’

Later that evening party girl Paris took to the town in a multi-coloured strapless dress with boyfriend Cy Waits.

Paris is not the only famous American face to take to the catwalk in Brazil, Ashton Kutcher is also returning to his modeling roots modeling designs for Colcci.

Travel buddies: Paris an boyfriend Cy jetted into Brazil on the same flight as Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore

The 32-year-old actor, who arrived with wife Demi Moore on the same plane as Paris and Cy, was eager to try out the loco lingo and posted a tweet in Portuguese.

Ashton posted: ‘Estou pronto para o Brasil. Brazil esta pronto para mim?’ which roughly translates to I’m ready for Brazil is Brazil ready for me?

Changing shape: A tiny Paris in 2003, a slim socialite in 2009 and showing off a fuller figure in Brazil yesterday

Backstage Triton no SPFW - Outono - Inverno 2011

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