Thursday, 27 January 2011

Jo Kwon and Park Jung Min have a Kkap dance battle!


On this week’s episode of Strong Heart, 2AM’s very own Jo Kwon and SS501’s Park Jung Min had a kkab dance battle.

Jo Kwon revealed pictures of his top three best moments of kkap and proved to the audience why he is called “Kkap-kwon”. He showed off his “three levels of kkap dance”, ending it with his trademark vibration dance. After watching Jo Kwon dance, the MCs stated that Park Jung Min had also shown off his kkap dance on an earlier episode and he began to show off his “sexy kkap” by performing a series of waves and pelvic thrusts, causing the audience to erupt in squeals and screams.

Afterwards, the two had a couple kkap dance, making the fellow celebrity guest members explode into laughter and amazement. It was during the couple dance that Park Jung Min revealed his trump card: his butt dance, but his effort proved to be futile as Jo Kwon’s kkab ferocity overpowered Park Jung Min.

As Jo Kwon was crowned the winner of the battle, Park Jung Min stated that “while we were dancing, we made eye contact and I could tell that he had the eyes of a kkap god!”, drawing laughter from the studio.

source: allkpop [endtext]

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