Sunday, 16 January 2011

Katie Price brands husband Alex Reid 'fame-obsessed' as she asks him to move out of marital home



Upset: Alex Reid looked grim-faced as he left the gym in London late last night

'He was just the opposite of all that, just an ordinary bloke. I loved the fact he wasn't in my world. But as soon as he got to my world, he wanted to be in it himself.

'He wanted to become a TV personality like me, a magazine columnist like me and advertise clothes like me. I hated that.'

The report comes as it's confirmed Alex has now moved out of the marital home while the pair apparently prepare to release a statement detailing their separation.

Katie Price has labelled her husband Alex Reid 'fame-obsessed' after complaining he had turned into a double of her ex-spouse Peter Andre.

The mother-of-three is said to have told friends the 11-month marriage is definitely over, adding that Alex had changed from an 'ordinary man' into a 'fame-hungry sponger'.

She is quoted by the News of the World as saying to a friend: 'I thought Alex was an easy-going athlete who had no interest in showbiz, fame or wanting a TV career like Pete

Resolute: Katie is said to have told friends Alex has become too 'fame-obsessed'

A spokesperson for Katie, 32, confirmed: 'Katie has asked Alex to leave the family home so they both have some space and hopes he respects that.'

The newspaper also claimed Katie told friends she 'regretted' ever marrying cage-fighter Alex, adding: 'I look back and regret that marriage with all my heart. I convinced myself I was in love but looking back I probably wasn't.

'It was a mistake. I was infatuated with the idea of him, but I didn't actually get to know him properly.'

Happier times: Katie and Alex looked so in love this time last year - but now she wants out the marriage and has cut him off financially

Comparison: Katie is also thought to have compared Alex unfavourably to ex-husband Peter Andre

'Alex has been desperate to try and make things work but Katie decided enough was enough.'

source: dailymail [endtext]

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