Sunday, 16 January 2011

Kusanagi Tsuyoshi & Takeuchi Yuko appear at stage greeting for their movie


SMAP member Kusanagi Tsuyoshi and actress Takeuchi Yuko showed up at the theater to greet the audience for their movie, “Boku to Tsuma no 1778 no Monogatari“, which was released that day on January 15th.

This marks the third time that the pair have co-starred with one another since the first time it occurred for “Yomigaeri“, released in 2003. Kusanagi said, “Thanks to Yuko-chan, I was able to do wonderful acting, it was a miracle.”

The movie is based on the true story of the San Francisco writer Mayumura Taku and his wife, who passed away due to cancer in 2002, and it’s a story in which the main character kept writing a short story every day for five years to make his wife smile, believing the doctor’s word that when people laugh, it increases the body’s immunity.

Since the movie’s theme is “What can you do for your loved one”, Kusanagi said, “I would find something common between me and the wife. Since I love curry, if the wife also likes curry, how about cooking curry for her every day…the spices are good for her health too.” On the other hand, Takeuchi said, “I would try to keep myself smiling in order to make my partner smile. If he makes curry for me, I would be pleased to eat the curry.”

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