Friday, 21 January 2011

Out of this world! Nicki Minaj takes her fashion inspiration from outer-space


Inter-galactic style: Nicki Minaj showcased another new look taking inspiration from the stars and donned a new blonde wig for her night on the town

Her fashion sense could leave you thinking that she’s from a galaxy far, far away.

So when Nicki Minaj stepped out last night in yet another drastically different look she did nothing to dispel the feeling that she’s on her own planet, especially in the style stakes.

The 26-year-old rapper hit the town in London dressed in a space-inspired tight dress showing off her impressive curves.

She ditched the candyfloss pink wig worn earlier in the day and selected platinum blonde locks for her night out accessorising with a chunky gold chain slung around her neck.

Keeping her fans in the know, she disclosed her plans on Twitter telling her followers: 'First stop : Oceana , Second stop : Runway! Let's go LONDON!!!!!!!!'
The singer has ensured she has been followed around London town during her stay and her status updates have let her loyal army of fans know exactly where she is and what she is up to.

On her own planet: Nicki Minaj's fashion sense raises a few eyebrows and she stepped out in an unusual tight dress for a night out in London

But her followers, which she nicknames her Barbies, and their eagerness to catch a glimpse of their idol meant she nearly didn't attend Runway nightclub.

She tweeted: 'Had a blast @ oceana! Security issues r now preventing us from entering runway...'

Earlier in the day she took her attention-seeking to new lengths stepping out with a bright pink candyfloss-inspired wig balanced on her head.

Rounding up the crowd: Excited fans camped outside the hotel waiting for the singer to emerge, but she kept them updated on her movements throughout the night

Taking her hair to new heights and her fashion sense to an all-time she squeezed her famous curves into a tragic bright purple jumpsuit.

She teamed her bright pink hair with matching platform shoes and quirky plastic accessories.

But while her statement fashion sense and vibrant hair is nothing new, her larger-than-life hair seemed to have taken inspiration from the lightweight sugary snack.

Judging from the chaos sparked as the U.S. star emerged from the Dorchester hotel earlier today, her efforts to keep her profile raised certainly seems to be working.

And while her screaming fans may have been daunting to other celebrities Nicki was happy to dive into the pushing crowds and basked in the attention of her fans.

Is this too much? Nicki teetered out of her hotel to a crowd of screaming fans dressed in a bright purple jumpsuit and a candyfloss inspired bright pink wig

While many vied for a signature from the music personality one lucky fan was stroked by their idol as Nicki reached out and gave one girl a loving touch.

Nicki seems to have been enjoying her time in London and paid tribute to her London fans on her Twitter.

She posted: Ugh! The lonon barbz r giving me life! They're so passionate. They're still @ the hotel. The hotel is threatening to kick me out.’

Keeping it real! Nicki stepped out in a bizarre outfit for her promo tour of London radio stations earlier today. She was overwhelmed by screaming fans outside

But for one fan, meeting the colourful character proved all too much and the rapper later posted: ‘Earlier one of my barz fainted in my arms…’

The singer nicknames her followers Barbies, copying Lady Gaga who calls her fans little monsters, playing on her love of pink which is seen throughout her fashion sense, her music and her collaborations.

Not only does Nicki regularly step out in the vibrant colour but her album is titled Pink Friday and she also launched a pink shade or lipstick with MAC cosmetics, sticking to the bright theme.

Centre of attention: The 26-year-old rapper was happy to pose for photographs and showed off her crimes to fashion and sugary snacks

Manij mania: Nicki stroked a fan's head while another fan fainted in her arms according to a Twitter post

And it seems the songstress who is on a promotional tour in the U.K. has been enjoying her time in the capital city which has seen her travel around radio stations to promote her music.

She has picked up British lingo and said she like the word ‘peng’ meaning ‘hot, dope, fly’ to her Twitter page.

When the rapper landed in London earlier this week she was mobbed by fans at the airport after Tweeting what time she would be landing.

Warm reception: Nicky Minaj was mobbed by her followers as she arrived in London earlier in the week she had tweeted what time she was landing

Nicki Minaj leaving her hotel

Trevor Nelson meets Nicki Minaj

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