Thursday, 13 January 2011

That's one pricey Poker Face: Lady Gaga set to rake in $100million in 2011



Money maker: Lady Gaga performing on stage has been predicted to earn $100million this year, according to Forbes magazine

She sells out tours in seconds, hits headlines daily and has nearly eight million followers on Twitter.

There is no denying it Lady Gaga is one huge global brand, and with her phenomenal success comes a bank balance to match.

In fact, the money-making machine that is Lady Gaga is predicted to earn more than $100million in 2011.

The money is set to come rolling in from sell out tours, album sales and through product endorsement, according to Forbes magazine.

Show stopping: Lady Gaga's seen in her meat dress at the MTV VMAs

She is also expected to tour for the last six months of the year filling huge stadium venues and raking in the cash at the same time.

Put simply, Lady Gaga’s army of ‘little monsters’ which includes nearly eight million Twitter followers are more than happy to pay for expensive concert tickets to see the singer put on her show.

Last year only two bands made over the $100million mark with U2 taking in $130 million and AC/DC earning$114 million, according to the publication.

source: dailymail [endtext]

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