Saturday, 29 January 2011

'She's too young for me': Justin Bieber snubs Hailee Steinfield... the 16-year-old likes older women



She's younger than you? Justin Bieber has said Hialee Steinfield is too young for him to date

He’s been kissed by Katie Perry and Rihanna so it’s hardly surprising that Justin Bieber wants a girlfriend of a certain age.

The pint-sized popstar has said he wouldn’t date Oscar nominee Hailee Steinfield because at 14-years-old she is just too young for him.

Justin was speaking to Jay Leno on The Tonight Show when he ruled out the possibility of a relationship with the True Grit star saying she was too young and added: ‘I'll be 17 in less than a month.’

Towering beauty: Hailee looked stunning as she took to the stage at the Golden Globes. She towered above Justin as they presented an award

The 16-year-old presented an award with the actress at The Golden Globes ceremony last week and as Hailee took to the stage towering above Justin in a gorgeous satin dress it was hard to believe she was younger than him.

Speaking about Hailee, Justin told Jay: ‘She’s really nice and really talented.’
He added: ‘I think she’s cute’

But when The U.S. chat show host pressed the youngster he ruled anything more than friendship out on account of their age gap.

Justin tweeted about Hailee last week after finding out she had been nominated for an Academy Award.

Snubbed on air: Justin told Jay Leno on The Tonight Show that he wouldn't date Hailee because she was too young

Baby pics: Justin and Jay looked through a number of the pint sized pop singer's baby photos

He posted: ‘Met at the Globes and she is super talented. CONGRATS to Hailee Steinfeld for being 14 and getting nominated for an OSCAR for TRUE GRIT! Now Hailee get a twitter.’

The Canadian singer said he wasn’t flirting with the young actress but was in fact just being friendly.

Justin, who was promoting his new movie Never Say Never, shared some pictures of himself as a toddler with Leno.

Close couple: Justin and Jay shared a hug during the interview

The cute singer didn’t seem to mind showing off his old snaps which included pictures of him as a little baby.

Justin’s new 3D film tells the story of a small-town boy who sees his dreams come true and hits cinemas in the U.S. in February.

Justin Bieber Golden Globe Awards 2011

Justin Bieber on Jay Leno 1/28

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