Wednesday, 12 January 2011

You're alright, pet: Cheryl Cole gets thumbs up from American TV boss to host U.S. X Factor - despite Geordie accent


Howay the lass: Cheryl Cole is famed for her Geordie accent as a judge on the British version of the X Factor - and could be heading to the U.S. version

She's resolutely proud of her Newcastle roots - and now Cheryl Cole appears to have been given the green light to keep her accent if she lands her hotly-tipped job as a judge on the U.S. version of X Factor.

Peter Rice, who heads up the entertainment department for the huge Fox network that will host the show, said: 'If Cheryl was to be on the show, I think she’s proved that she’s a terrific judge.'

He also said that he reckoned her chemistry with Simon Cowell would ensure she was a hit in the States, saying: 'She has wonderful chemistry with Simon.'

There had been worries that the Girls Aloud star might be passed over for the job because of her strong regional tones, but Mr Rice didn't even mention it as a consideration.

Fox will get the final veto on Cowell's choices, however, despite rumours that Cheryl has already been handed a £3million deal to star on the show when it begins this autumn.

Mr Rice thinks that whoever is on the panel however, that the show will be a huge success in the States - meaning if Cheryl is picked, she could become a Stateside megastar.

Time off: The Girls Aloud star has been having a break from work in South Africa with close friend Derek Hough

Mr Rice said: 'I think it’s an amazing TV show...It’s just so well produced, so fun, so wildly entertaining… I think if they discover the next Susan Boyle next year on ‘X Factor’ - that’s not something that will happen on ‘Idol.’ If they discover, Stevie Wonder or Michael Jackson or some 10-year-old phenomenon, that’s not something you’re gonna see on ‘Idol.’

'The other thing which I find most different about it is the way in which the judges own the groups, or own their categories, really differentiates the show,' Rice continued. 'I’m really excited to bring the show here.'

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