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Fragile Cher breaks down at X Factor press conference after learning of hate campaign



Staying positive: Cher Lloyd welled up at yesterday's X Factor press conference when asked about the hate campaign against her

Protected by minders and ITV bosses in the X Factor bubble, Cher Lloyd was oblivious to the growing hate-filled online campaign against her.

The fragile teen appeared surprised and welled up when questioned on her feelings about the Facebook and Twitter bullying at yesterday's press conference.

'I didn't know there was a hate campaign,' the 17-year-old got out, before her protective mentor Cheryl Cole snatched the microphone away and took over.

'We always tell them to avoid any bad stuff like that, they've got to get out there on the Saturday night and perform, so we've got to get their head into a positive place,' Cheryl said, as Cher looked around confused, visibly fighting back tears.

'She's got so much support out there and so many loyal fans - she doesn't need to know about that mess,' Cheryl added, glancing encouragingly at her young act. 'So we keep her focused on the good stuff.

Going home: The teen composed herself to say she thinks she will go on Saturday night- 'Come on, I'm the rapper,' she said

The Malvern, Worcestershire singer composed herself to give a surprisingly frank response to a question about her chances in the competition.

'Do you know what, I expect to be going on Saturday. It's fine. I've made it this far and I'm very lucky,' she said.

'I could have gone a fair few weeks ago. But everybody here very much deserves to be here.

'And I know I'm not going to win it, come on, I'm the rapper. Normally people like me don't get a chance on these shows.'

It was announced that one finalist will be given the boot at the end of Saturday night's spectacle, and a second will go halfway through Sunday's finale - leaving two acts to battle it out to win.

Miss Lloyd added defiantly that she will go out with a bang. 'But I've got Mr with me so I'm going to rock it out,' she said.

Referring back to the hate campaign question, she said: 'It's fine what people have said about me. They don't know me.'

'I think people have just misjudged me, I am not the person people have made me out to be.'

Simon Cowell admitted Cher was ‘a bit of a brat’, but added: 'What I love about Cher is that she doesn't play games. I have worked with contestants before who on camera are really nice and say they love their mother etc… but once the cameras are off they are absolute monsters.

'But all the time I've worked with her she's been upfront - a bit of a brat - but she is respectful and fun to work with.’

The contestants confirmed at the press conference who they will be dueting with on Saturday night.

As the Mail Online reported yesterday, Matt Cardle will perform with Rihanna, Rebecca Ferguson will pair up with Christina Aguilera, One Direction will duet with Robbie Williams, and Cher will take the stage with her mentor's good friend

Last battle: Cher and Rebecca were spotted going into final rehearsals today after their mentor said she 'loves them both'

For the first time, each of the contestants have recorded their own individual winner's single.

The move decision, confirmed by Cowell yesterday, is unsurprising given how different each of the acts are.

'Each artist has recorded their own record, that is geared towards them,' Simon said. 'They've each got their own song.

Cowell also said he was yet to decide on what song One Direction will be singing on Saturday.

Tense: Favourite to win Matt Cardle (left) and One Direction member Louis Tomlinson looked focused as they headed into rehearsals

'We should be judged as well as the contestants, I don't want to look like a mug on Saturday night and I am changing my mind about the songs every hour, I haven't quite decided what they will sing.'

When asked about who he will sign up after the show ends, Cowell said: 'I haven't made a decision yet on whether I will give all finalists a record deal. I don't think all of them are guaranteed to get one but there is a possibility, I will just have to see how they do on Saturday. Seriously.'

Matt Cardle is now the 10/11 favourite to win, with Rebecca Ferguson at 5/2, One Direction at 11/4 and Cher Lloyd at 20/1.

Not giving up: Harry Styles and Liam Payne were in high spirits as they arrived

The X Factor 2010 final 4 full press conference

source: dailymail

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