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Simon Cowell insists: 'We didn't intentionally mislead X Factor voters'



No fix: Simon Cowell has insisted that the X Factor did not intentionally mislead viewers, saying 'The only thing we didn't say was there would be a sing off'

- Cowell confirms there WILL be an X Factor next year.. and that judges will have
to 'fight' for their place on the panel

- Apologises for misleading viewers over the sing off last weekend

- Says Cheryl 'can't win' as she will be unable to focus on both of her acts

- Cowell also hints at a new ITV1 Top OF The Pops-style music show in development

Simon Cowell has again insisted that there is no X Factor fix, and apologised for 'unintentionally' misleading viewers on last week's results show.

Speaking at yesterday's press conference, the 51-year-old said he had watched last weekend's tape back.

'I think what Dermot said was that you have to vote to keep people in,' Cowell said. 'The only thing we didn't say was there would be a sing off. Essentially the same rules applied.'

'If we misled people it wasn't intentional.'

Asked if the X Factor would make voting free this weekend to appease angry viewers, Simon replied: 'I can't answer that question, but I can apologise to anyone who was misled, it wasn't intentional.

'All Dermot - and the show - were trying to do is tell people, if you want someone to stay in the show you have to pick up the phone to vote, and the same thing applies this weekend.

'There was never any fix. The fact that you are all writing about it is important. This show is not boring and that is the most important thing.'

Viewers have been up in arms about 'being lied to' about how their votes would be used.

'It keeps it exciting': The 51-year-old also welcomed this year's anti-X Factor campagin Cage Against the Machine saying, 'I wish them every possible luck'

Viewers were clearly told that the contestant receiving the lowest number of public votes would automatically leave the show, with host Dermot O'Leary saying: 'Now it's all in your hands.

'It's your votes and your votes alone that can get your act safely through to the final.'

But a last-minute change in format meant Cher and Mary - who were in the bottom two - had to battle it out in a sing-off, before the judges voted to put Cher through.

Angry fans of 'Tesco Mary' speculated that X Factor bosses scrambled to make the change when they realised that Lloyd would receive the lowest number of votes - a theory that was backed up by the ousted mother-of-one during appearances on television on Monday.

At war: Cheryl Cole and Simon argued about Cheryl's ability to focus on both of her acts going into the final

Cowell was asked about this year's anti-X Factor campaign - called Cage Against The Machine.

High profile names including The Kooks, Eddie Temple Morris, Billy Bragg, Orbital, Jon McClure and Pete Doherty will re-release John Cage's silent record 4'33" - four minutes and thirty three seconds of silence.

The talent show supremo said: 'It sounds like a great record. I wish every possible luck.

He conceded, 'I did get a bit bolshy last year and I remember saying something a bit stupid at the press conference this time last year.

'The record company asked me "Do we have anything to worry about with this record?" and I said "No, no nothing to worry about." Come next Monday, we got a wake up call. I called the guys and congratulated them.

'I love them both': Cheryl said it was 'fun' mentoring 'very different' Cher and Rebecca

'It makes it more exciting,' he added.

Simon and Cheryl got into a sparring match over whose act will take the crown on Sunday night.

'You won't win,' Simon told Cheryl. 'With respect to her acts it's not going to happen. It's double pressure on her this year.

'Looking after two people instead of one means your attention is divided. You lose focus as you can't give them the attention they need.'

'So you wouldn't want two acts at this stage in the competition?' the 27-year-old interjected.

I'm out to get you: Cheryl and Matt Cardle sized each other up during the press conference at the Connaught Hotel

'They are as prepared as they can be': Cowell said that he expects his act One Direction to win

'It's a lot of pressure to take into the final, said Simon. 'I'm just happy looking after one act.

'You only need one person to win. They [One Direction] are as prepared as they can be.'

When grilled on leaving his act behind to fly to America a fortnight ago, Simon replied: 'It wasn't for long.

'I wasn't working on the American show, I was there to - well, I don't like to talk about in public again, but - I was there to receive an Emmy for outstanding contribution to television. Which is rarely given to anyone.'

Cheryl was diplomatic when asked if she was spreading herself too thin with two acts.
'I've got two very, very special girls and it's not about me winning it's about one of these two winning and I've got every confidence in them.

Double duty: Dannii was visibly mortified when Cheryl Cole announced to the audience that the Australian judge is 'breast-feeding one minute and going on stage the next'

She later added: 'They are both completely different acts and people - everything about them is different.

'It's actually really exciting for me to spread myself in two different directions. It's been fun to have two people up to this point. [It was] harder when there was four, but fun now. I love them both.'

Dannii Minogue, 37, was visibly mortified when Cheryl Cole announced to the audience that the Australian judge is 'breast-feeding one minute and going on stage the next'.

But both ladies refused to be pushed on which of them won this year's style war which has been just as talked about as the show itself.

The show will go on: Despite speculation Cowell said there WILL be an X Factor next year, and that all the judges will have to fight for their place on the panel

And with her act Matt Cardle favourite to win this weekend, the petite blonde was happy to sit back and let the other judges continue to snipe at each other and instead looked quietly confident.

After the conference Cowell confirmed there would definitely be a British X Factor next year but revealed that each of the judges would have to fight for their place as a judge.

He said: 'They have to work just as hard as their acts do in every show. Each of them have to secure their place in next year's show.'

Cowell also hinted at yesterday's press conference that he has another ITV1 music show in the works for next year.

'There is always room for more music, and we will be doing something on Saturday nights,' he said.

While some speculated that the new show will fill the void left by Top Of The Pops, his spokesperson Max Clifford said it would be a different format.

Cowell on the winner's single and Christmas number one

The X Factor 2010 final 4 full press conference

source: dailymail

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