Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Paris Hilton's terror as four-inch knife is found hidden on plane




Scary experience: Paris Hilton was evacuated from her plane today; seen yesterday at animal shelter

Paris Hilton was evacuated from her plane today when a fellow traveller discovered a four-inch serrated knife hidden in a pocket on the plane.

The socialite was heading to Maui for a sunshine break when the plane was evacuated by security at Los Angeles Airport.

She tweeted: 'We were about to take off then security made everyone deplane because they found a big knife on board the plane.

'Scary that it got on plane.'

Paris was on the plane with nighclub promoter boyfriend Cy Waits.

After an hour of waiting around she updated Twitter with: 'They just finished the security sweep of the plane.

'About to board again.

'So strange a knife got on board. Can't wait to get to Maui.'

The police weren't called as airport sources identified the weapon as 'box-cutting knife' belonging to the airline crew, according to website TMZ.

After the delay the plane took off as planned, with Paris writing: 'So excited to get out of this LA rain and be in paradise. I love Hawaii! :) Can't wait!'

source: dailymail


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